Teen earns national service award for toothbrush collection

PaigeAlenick2 (2)“While brushing my teeth one night in 2010 when I was 16, I had the thought to start collecting toothbrushes. I researched and found out that, outside of major corporations like Colgate, not many individuals had made a concerted effort to improve the state of oral care in the US and overseas through the widespread distribution of this simple implement which many of us take for granted. Most people are not aware that dental caries are the most common chronic disease in the world; however, they are largely preventable with proper oral care.” Paige Alenick is a young lady with a vision. ASDA read about her story of how she was able to collect toothbrushes for those who need them most…

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: Editors’ choice

Best-of-weekToday marks the last day of the 2014 Best Blogs of Mouthing Off week. We have seen the best of the best, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. We wish we could feature all of our authors. If it weren’t for the members who volunteer to blog, we would not have Mouthing Off. This blog has published 160 posts in 2014. In total we have featured more than 263 bloggers from across the United States. Our authors include dentists, specialists, dental students, predental students and ASDA staff.

Mouthing Off is run by two electronic editors. We’re ASDA members who applied and were appointed to the position by ASDA’s Board of Trustees. This year, Jay Banez, Marquette ’16, and I were appointed to the positions. (Want our job? You can apply for the electronic editor position by clicking here. But hurry! The deadline is Jan. 5.) ASDA Publications Manager Kim Kelly works closely with us to publish three times every week. In recognition of this team, we chose today as the editors’ choice of their favorite blogs in 2014.

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: Just for fun

Best-of-weekThey just keep getting better! Blogging is fun. In fact, we have chosen our top three blogs that were written just for fun. Of course, we always like to have fun when we write, but you may notice that these posts are particularly quirky, yet all very informational! This is my favorite type of posts because it allows authors to be creative with their topic idea and style of writing. This category is great for learning about miscellaneous dental facts and nearly any audience can find several posts that they can understand and benefit from reading. If you have any interesting ideas for a “Just for fun” blog post, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: Predental

Best-of-weekIt’s the middle of the week, and the middle of our blogging rally recognizing the most notable posts of 2014. Today’s blogs are by a special demographic of ASDA. Our Predental writers have really stepped it up this year, and have been accountable for more blogs posts than ever! Our predental writers are not only leaders in their schools and communities, but many have gone on to be accepted to dental schools and soon will be your dental school classmates. ASDA is thankful for predental students who are already catching ASDA fever. Thank you to all the predental authors and members who have contributed or read Mouthing Off in 2014! (We decided to include 4 top blogs today because we just couldn’t resist!)

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: Career advice

Best-of-weekHappy Tuesday, and day two of the Best Blogs of Mouthing Off. Today we feature a couple of writers who we are especially thankful for. These blogs feature career advice and include everything from getting into a residency to transitioning to private practice. These are all the tips I wish they taught us in dental school! Check out three of our favorites here. Thank you to everyone who has offered there two cents of career advice and who have written for us in the 2014 year. Enjoy!

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: The issues

Best-of-weekAs 2014 winds down, we are kicking off a new special feature all week long! We want to acknowledge all of the bloggers who have written for us over the past year. Mouthing Off posts at least three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As of this week, we have published 161 posts in 2014! That is an impressive amount of effort and dedication from our bloggers, and the editors would not have been able to do it without them.

The Best of Mouthing Off will run all this week to highlight some of our most outstanding pieces of writing. Each and every blog was worth recognizing, but these are the top posts and you won’t want to miss them! Tune in all week to read the Best of Mouthing Off 2014. Read on for the Best of Mouthing Off: The issues…

Occlusal topography made simple with a stamp

IMG_1622Dentistry has high standards of quality and efficiency. Being efficient and effective is important to having a successful and we’ll run business. The way we fill preps is determined by scientific evidence that says how much material to add, where, when and how- all concerned with providing the strongest yet most flexible and long lasting composite filling. Many schools of thought teach the layering method. Adding composite in increments, one side and the other. They teach their students to study and memorize occlusal anatomy- the cusps, slopes, margins, grooves, pits and ridges. However, other theories on filling composite preps require less finicking with your plastic instrument, and possibly more accurate topography.