Navigate reimbursements with CDT 2019

Not many reimbursement processes come with a roadmap. It usually takes making sharp turns, avoiding accidents and great maneuvering skills to get reimbursed for your hard work. Using CDT reference guides from the ADA will give you an easy-to-use roadmap and get you to your reimbursement quickly.

5 myths about owning your own practice

Is it your big dream to own a practice? Do you imagine what it would be like to run your own business? Maybe being an employee is just not for you. Here are some common misconceptions that students have about money when it comes to starting or buying a practice.

Will you be an employee or an independent contractor?

When you leave dental school and head out into the world, it’s likely that you will consider joining an existing practice. Whether you hire or are hired, you will likely sign an employment contract. An employment contract is an agreement under which a dentist commits to perform certain services and a practice agrees to compensate that dentist for performing those services.

How to conquer student loan debt: The Haidets’ story

Nowadays, the average dental school graduate could face over $300,000 worth of debt. That is a hefty amount for any student to take on, especially now when most of you are dealing with the stress of dental school. Before you start to panic take a deep breath and follow these tips to help you get on the right track if you find yourself beginning to struggle with dental school debt problems.