How to get the perfect letter of recommendation

letters_residencyweekYou’ve worked your tail off throughout dental school to make good grades and pass NBDE Parts I and II, but there’s one more thing so crucial to that residency application: recommendation letters. Programs can see on paper how well you have performed academically these past few years, but it’s the letters from those who know you best that really make your application stand out. After going through the process this past year, I have a few tips for getting the right recommendation letters and thanking those who supported you.

Treat your residency interviews like dating

firstdate_residencyweekFresh off General Practice Residency application season and Match Day being a thing of the past, I have to admit that the interview process was not what I expected. More importantly, it was very unlike the process of interviewing for admittance into dental school. Strangely enough, our faculty “advisor” for interviewing and CV review could not have been more wrong with his advice. And for that, I am thankful.

Read on to find out why residency interviews are just like dating…

Top 9 travel hacks for interview season

travel-tipsIt’s November, which means the middle of dental school/residency interview season. Or holiday travel-planning season. Do you want to know how to get the cheapest plane tickets? Or get through security in a matter of seconds? With some careful planning and research, you can make the most of your future trip! Some of the hacks listed below are well known. Others should be new to even frequent fliers. Here is a list of my top 9 travel hacks.

Say “yes” to research: It can open doors for your career

Andy Alvarez ResearchBefore dental school, I had zero research experience. I majored in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, and later completed a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. I never found the right opportunity to experience research in the real working world, a feat that ranked as a top priority on my ever-growing to do list. Luckily, after enrolling in the University of Florida College of Dentistry, I was introduced to an avenue that would get me involved with research more than I ever thought possible: the Summer Research Program. Some quick advice to any incoming D1 or any current dental student interested in research: TAKE THE PLUNGE! There are so many different types of research opportunities out there that are waiting just for you. Over the past year, I’ve realized that saying “yes” to research (and often figuring out the details later) continues to open doors for me that I never knew existed. In this innovative and exciting era of dentistry, dental research continues to serve as the foundation of our profession and getting involved at that ground level is much easier than you think!

How to sail through the PASS/Match process

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.43.07 PMOn January 26th, a flurry of Facebook posts popped up in my newsfeed from elated students announcing their match day results. For many, match day served as the end of a long application process to various specialty programs, general practice residencies (GPRs), and advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) programs. For some, this served as a dress rehearsal in preparation for another attempt at matching next year. Regardless, going through the Match process takes some serious effort and persistence, but a little background knowledge will help you get through without breaking a sweat.

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: Career advice

Best-of-weekHappy Tuesday, and day two of the Best Blogs of Mouthing Off. Today we feature a couple of writers who we are especially thankful for. These blogs feature career advice and include everything from getting into a residency to transitioning to private practice. These are all the tips I wish they taught us in dental school! Check out three of our favorites here. Thank you to everyone who has offered there two cents of career advice and who have written for us in the 2014 year. Enjoy!