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What you should know about the ADAT in 2018

The ADA launched the Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT) in April 2016 targeting third- and fourth-year dental students as well as practicing dentists who are interested in postgraduate training. The exam provides advanced dental education programs with a means to assess applicants’ potential for success in a postgraduate program. With the third year of the ADAT test cycle approaching, let’s take a look at the 2017 ADAT results and some changes that are taking place for 2018.

Psychedelic drugs and psychiatric disorders

In February of this year, a CBS News article touted an exciting new potential treatment for mental illness: psychedelic drugs. More surprising, however, is how little we know about the treatment potential, despite the concept of psychedelic substance-turned-pharmacotherapy in the world of psychiatry since the 1950s.

The Chairside Instructor: a valuable resource

Explaining dental procedures in an understandable way to patients can be trying at times. During treatment planning appointments I often find myself talking to a patient that appears completely lost. I try to search Google to find the perfect image to depict what I am talking about. Many times I am unable to find that image. Searching the internet can be time-consuming and fruitless. Discussing treatment options with patients can be increasingly difficult for dental students entering the clinic. The difficulty lies in the details. As students, we spend years learning fancy vocabulary that oral health professionals understand. Simplifying treatment to aid in patient understanding can be challenging for even the most experienced dentists. However, there are resources available that can aid in conversations with patients about common dental procedures.

Analyzing Medicaid expansion and dental benefits

Every day we interact with diverse patients in the clinic, we are obligated to provide the best treatment possible to those we serve. Many of us have worked with patients enrolled in Medicaid and have seen first-hand how big an impact it can have on someone’s oral health. In May, my colleague, Districts 10 & 11 Legislative Coordinator Walter Fuentes, wrote about the funding implications for Medicaid if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed and replaced. I would like to share with you more about how this could affect Medicaid expansion.

ADAT tips and strategies

With the second year of the ADAT test cycle underway, and the first testing window of three completed, there is a lot to gain from the experiences of our colleagues. For one, they’ve shown that while the ADAT is challenging, it can also be manageable with the proper study approach. Based off their feedback, here are some key strategies for preparing for the ADAT as well as specific tips for the dental student, general dentist and international dentist.  

My favorite moments over the last nine years of ASDA publications

My name is Kim Kelly and yesterday was my last day as ASDA’s senior manager of publications. I started at ASDA nearly nine years ago, before this blog existed. For the better part of a decade, I’ve worked with dental students to create the type of content they want to read. Today, with the launch of Contour magazine and the success of this blog, ASDA’s publications look very different from when I started. But no matter how much time passes, the publications are still centered around dental student authorship. It takes a lot of work to produce member-written publications. Between ASDA’s printed publications and this blog, we publish more than 400 pieces of content each year. That’s a lot of student writing and a lot of work by ASDA’s Editorial Board.