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Is the paleo diet really all that healthy?

photo courtesy of Nick Morrison, Imperium CrossFit If you attended Annual Session just weeks ago, you have been somewhat introduced to my love for CrossFit. Though I was compared to Hercules, my diet would say otherwise. As a Crossfitter, I spend a lot of time surrounded by the Paleo diet. My box hosts a “Paleo… Read more »

4 ways the ACA will (and will not) impact dentistry

ACAIt is 2014 and the inaugural year of the Affordable Care Act implementation. Curious if dentistry has etched (primed and bonded) its way into ACA? I can tell you, it has. The watchword in regards to our field is “prevention”—detailed in the 21 oral health provisions of ACA. If you’ve avoided the daunting task of reading the ACA, you may have a few questions. Let me decode those for you here…