First-year tips: Didactics, pre-clinic, clinic

Congratulations on making it into dental school! Take a moment to soak it all in because soon enough it’ll be time to get down to work. Dental school will certainly be an adjustment compared to your undergraduate studies but entering it with the right strategies and mindset can make school much easier.

Here’s what worked well for me and my fellow students during our first year.

How to navigate social-media-promoted dental products

Your feed on social media is full of ads. One minute you’re looking up pulpal necrosis on Google and the next, a plush, personalized, toothpaste subscription box is asking for your email on Instagram. As a dental student, you can’t help but be skeptical of these products and the broad claims they make.

Non-patient-based exams and licensure during the pandemic

This time of the year usually signifies great celebration for graduating dental students across the country. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, graduation ceremonies look a lot different this year with virtual walks across the stage and celebrations at home in quarantine. How graduates will become licensed is different as well, and non-patient-based alternatives are now coming to the forefront.