How lasers are being used in dentistry

Yes, lasers are gaining widespread use in the dental world! They work by delivering energy in the form of light and can be used to cut or vaporize hard and soft tissue. Lasers are popular because they can reduce pain and anxiety experienced by patients, minimize bleeding and postoperative swelling, and serve as a means of disinfection. Currently, dental lasers are being used for a multitude of purposes, including cavity detection, tooth preparation prior to restoration, gingivectomies (crown lengthening, tissue contouring and frenectomies), cold sore reduction, nerve regeneration, tooth whitening and even the treatment of TMD.

A quick and inexpensive method to create a land on your master impression

thumbnailEvery dental student knows how much time and energy is spent making a perfect master impression. But for many of us, the job does not end after the impression is made. Improperly boxing and pouring the impression can lead to critical errors. Once you have collected the proper materials, this method of creating a land on any type of impression is simple and cost-effective. Read on for step-by-step instructions and a video how-to.