Where Sci-Fi meets reality: How augmented reality is reforming dental training

From the automotive industry using augmented reality to provide information of road conditions to the gaming industry allowing gamers to capture Pokémon, augmented reality is impacting nearly every industry. Dentistry is no exception. AR uses interactive digital elements and sensory projections to combine the virtual and real world. By superimposing …

What you should know about endodontic microsurgery

Microsurgeries in endodontic treatment are surgical procedures performed under magnification following failure of a non-surgical root canal, also known simply as a root canal. Root canal treatment can fail for many reasons. In order to decide whether surgery is the proper treatment approach, it is important to establish the etiology …

video gamin

Train like a gamer: How video games could benefit the future of dentistry

The Entertainment Software Association estimated in 2018 that over 166 million adults in the United States play video games. The popularity of gaming is so vast that eSports, competitive, organized video gaming, reached $906 million in revenue worldwide in 2018, according to a global market report by Newzoo.