Surviving the first week of dental school!

Penn started interviewing applicants for class of 2017! It’s hard to believe I am now one of those dental students I formerly stared at with envy. Whenever I walk by our admissions office (and see Corky!), I smile remembering how I ran to my interview across cobblestone streets in heels. Since many of you are future dental students, I wanted to start off with two pieces of advice…

VCU hosts predental students

This past March, Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) ASDA Chapter hosted a Predental Day event geared towards undergraduate predental students. After a warm arrival and Patterson Dental sponsored lunch, we were separated into two groups, or “tracks” for the day based on our year of undergraduate studies. Track 1 was geared towards freshmen and sophomores. Their… Read more »

Predental interview videos

Hey predentals! Have you ever wondered what real dental students have to say about their experiences about dental school? Wonder no more! Students were interviewed at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health about tips on how to get into dental school. Advice ranging from their application to networking were discussed. Notable tips mentioned:… Read more »

Staying Healthy While Studying for DAT

A part of DAT preparation (or any study routine) is to eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep. While studying, eat healthy snacks.  Munch on raw fruits, vegetables and salads rather than salty, greasy and sugary foods.  When making a salad, try to substitute high fat and high sodium dressings for balsamic vinegar, apple… Read more »

Change in Professional School Interviewing

This recent NY Times article describes an alternative interviewing form some medical schools are adopting. This interview format is geared toward observing the candidates social skills and how they can communicate their ideas with others. The thought is that medical care is more of a team-driven atmosphere and people skills are needed. I recall from… Read more »