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Dental apps for all four years

Each year of dental school brings a new learning experience. You start out learning the intricate details of each tooth. By the end you’re learning about the business of dentistry. Here are a few apps you can download to keep you on track year after year.

First year:

Dental – from BoneBox (free)

In this app you can view every tooth in the mouth three-dimensionally. Each tooth has detailed anatomy and distinguishing features. You can rotate each tooth to see it from every viewpoint. This is a great way to interact with details of each tooth while studying your dental anatomy class notes.

Second year:

NBDE prep apps: ($)

Dental Boards Mastery and the American Red Cross’ First Aid are study apps suited for the student on the go. First Aid takes its questions from the popular book. Dental Boards Mastery can track your progress on each topic so you can see which topics you need to study more.

These are good options for squeezing in study time without having to lug study materials around. To use the full volume of questions, you’ll have to factor the cost into your study budget.

Third year:

Dental Drugs (free)

This app is helpful for the most commonly used medicines in dentistry. It provides a quick refresher on the dosages of antibiotics, analgesics, antifungals and more as you start to use them in clinic. You can also calculate the maximum dosage for each type of local anesthetic based on weight. There are other helpful clinical tips throughout the app as well.

Fourth year:

Dental Economics and CamCard (free)

During fourth year, you are starting to collect business cards from networking events and you’re ready to start learning more about the business side of a dental office. The Dental Economics app gives easy access to the content of the popular magazine as well as informative videos.

The CamCard app allows you to scan all of the business cards you receive using your phone’s camera. It then stores all the contact information in one place.

For your patients:

Oral B (free)

This app is a tooth brushing timer and habit tracker. It can be used with any electric toothbrush, not just the ones that have the Bluetooth technology. It uses the microphone on your phone to know when to start and stop the timer. Each day you brush is tracked on a calendar. This is a good tool for improving your patients’ home oral care and checking in with them about their progress.

Each of these apps can help with a different aspect of our training while in school, but many of them are also helpful once in practice. Give them a try and see what they can do for you! Do you have a favorite dental app that isn’t listed? Tell us about it in the comments below!

~ Melissa Palmer, Florida ’17

Melissa Palmer

Melissa is a member of the class of 2017 at Florida. She served as her chapter's newsletter officer during her third year. Her hobbies include tennis and going to the beach.

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