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Dental gifts that are better late than never

holiday gifts

Merry Christmas! If you have a post-holiday gift exchange scheduled, it’s not too late to buy something for your friends in the dental field. Dental presents, like all good presents, come in a wide variety. Some presents make us think, some make us laugh and some make us cry tears of joy. We will keep this in mind as we search for the best, funniest and most interesting presents for our favorite dental students and dentists.

We must take into consideration many things when searching for the perfect present, be it a large box with a bow under the tree or a small stocking stuffer. Who are we buying this present for? Is it something they will use or is it something to make them laugh? What is our budget? The most important part of any good present is the thought behind it. The only criterion in our search for the perfect present is that it brings joy to a fellow dentistry enthusiast.

Here are some fun ideas for your very own gifts:

Future Dentist Baby Outfit

Future Dentist Shirt

This one is for the little babies in our lives. This is a great present for the child of a dentist or simply a niece or nephew. This will be a hit at your Christmas party offering laughs for the whole family. It is very affordable at only $15. Besides, everyone can use an extra dentist in their family.




Keyring Charms

Keyring dental charms

These keyring charms will make a great stocking stuffer for anyone interested in dentistry. They come handmade from the United Kingdom and are very affordable at only $6.92. This is a fun present that adds a little spice to anyone’s keys. Keychains are great conversation starters and these will be sure to interest everyone. It is a unique gift that can be fun for an aspiring dentist or a practicing dentist.




Female Dentist Ornament

Female Dentist Ornament

This is a great stocking stuffer for our favorite woman in dentistry. It is hand painted and can be further personalized with a permanent marker. This is a very thoughtful gift because instead of simply purchasing it a touch of you can be added. This is currently retailing at less than $10 on Amazon and it will arrive in two days with Prime membership!




Dental Cardholder

Dentist Cardholder

This dental cardholder is a perfect gift for a dental professional. It is elegantly crafted from recycled steel. This will serve as a great conversation piece in any office. This piece is a bit pricy: with shipping it comes to just under $50. I can already see the pearly white smile on my favorite dentist as they open this work of art.





Dentist Desk Clock

Dentist Desk Clock

This clock is a great gift that will add a shiny touch to any dental space. It is a piece of art in its own right and is not too flashy for a dentist! A clock like this lightens the mood for patients because it has dental instruments, but they are clearly nothing to fear. Using these instruments as components to an art piece results in a beautiful clock. This gift is a bit pricy at almost $40, but it will surely make your favorite dentist smile every time they glance at it.

Any dental gift coming from the heart is a great gift. When purchasing a gift for your favorite dentist or dentist to be remember that it should suit their personality. Find something in your budget and within reason for the emotion you are trying to elicit. Be as creative as you can and you will always end up with something special. Best of luck in your holiday endeavors!

Kenan Tufo, predental

Kenan Tufo

Kenan Tufo is a junior at Loyola University Chicago. He will be graduating with the class of 2017 as a Biology major. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Above all gift suggestion for dentist are very beautiful. I think to give gift to my dental clinic staff on the Christmas occasion. So here i see very useful suggestion so thanks for sharing. We are dentist in dallas from USA.

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