Dental school is difficult enough. We help make insurance easy.

You’ve invested time, energy and money into preparing for your career as a dentist, so help protect your investment with the right level of insurance coverage.

Great-West Financial® has been the exclusive partner of the ADA for over 80 years. We only insure ADA members, their families and ADA students like you, so we can offer you a level of trust and expertise you might not find anywhere else. Before you graduate, as you’re starting out and all through your career, your Insurance Plan Specialist can help you protect all you’ve invested in your future. We can:

  • Answer any questions about the no-cost disability and life insurance offered as a benefit of ADA student membership
  • Help assess your insurance needs as you begin your career
  • Compare other company quotes you may have received to the rates and features of the ADA insurance plans
  • Help you understand riders and options, as well as the application and claims process

Your Insurance Plan Specialist is as close as a phone call or email away. Give us a call today at 855.411.5198 or email planspecialist@greatwest.com, and check out 7 ways an Insurance Plan Specialist can help.

~Nancy Fix, Insurance Plan Specialist, Great-West Financial®

Visit www.insurance.ada.org, call 855.411.5198 or email planspecialist@greatwest.com for more information and to learn about coverage provisions, limitations, terms for keeping coverage in force and the option to convert to member coverage after graduation by paying ADA member-only premiums and maintaining ADA membership.

This material is not a contract. Benefits are provided through a group policy (Nos. 104TLP Term Life and 1108GDH-SDP Student Disability) filed in the State of Illinois in accordance with and governed by Illinois law, issued to the American Dental Association, and underwritten by Great-West Financial®. All ADA-sponsored coverage is subject to underwriting and is not guaranteed issue unless specifically stated otherwise. Coverage that is guaranteed issue is subject to a pre-existing condition limitation. The ADA is entitled to receive royalties from the ADA Members Insurance Plans. Coverage is available to eligible ADA members and student members in all fifty states and US territories under the aforementioned group policy.  Each insured will receive a Certificate of Insurance explaining the terms and conditions of the policy. GWL&A is not licensed in New York, but eligible members residing in New York may request and ultimately receive coverage under the aforementioned group policy. AM456318-0418

This content is sponsored and does not necessarily reflect the views of ASDA.

ADA Members Insurance Plans/Great-West Financial®

ADA-sponsored disability and life insurance is offered at no cost to ADA student members as a benefit of membership. This coverage is underwritten by Great-West Financial® and can convert to the insurance plans for practicing ADA members after graduation.

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