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Dentistry is more than dentistry

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A dentist has many responsibilities. They provide dental treatment. They offer care to under-served areas. They may owe on loans and must support the salary of the team they employ. They are active in organized dentistry to protect their profession and to stay current on evidence-based dentistry. Finally, they abide by our code of ethics, which are the essential pieces to our profession.

But dentistry is more than dentistry.

To me, being a leader within our community is one of our greatest responsibilities. It’s also a chance  to do something else that we are passionate about.

Enjoy sports? Coach a youth sports team.

Believe in education? Develop a scholarship.

Have free time? Volunteer at a food bank.

Political aspirations? Run for mayor.

We owe ourselves time away from dentistry to de-stress. As a dental student, you can pursue these interests now.

Dentistry is a gift and an incredible talent that you have. However, it is just one of your many talents. Choose your leadership path. You may be stepping outside of dentistry, but you are constantly serving the profession by being a leader in your own way. Find your passion.

~Andrew Naeger, Houston ’17, chair, Council on Professional Issues

Dr. Andrew Naeger

Dr. Andrew Naeger is a general dentist at Wright Dentistry in College Station, Texas.

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  1. Jane says:

    Is there a dental clinic in Houston I can get a discount crown done?

    1. Hi Jane,
      Most dental school clinics offer services for a reduced rate compared to private practices. You can call UTSD Houston’s clinic and find more information here:

  2. Dentists are passionate about what they do. However, this passion can certainly burn out if they’re overworked! It’s important to pursue other hobbies and passions to prevent this from happening.

  3. MARY says:

    I am looking for a dental student who can do Dental Implants for a low fee. I am in Hackensack New Jersey

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