Don’t rush to sign that contract, you might regret it


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Congratulations! You’ve finished dental school, you’ve received an offer to join a practice, the package looks right, and you’re ready to sign the employment contract.


Before you sign an employee contract, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of that contract.

What is your base pay?

Are bonuses guaranteed?

What is the criteria for a performance-based bonus?

What happens if the practice is sold to someone else?

Dental school taught you the art and science of caring for patients. The ADA Center for Professional Success will help you care for and nurture your career and business. You’ll find several articles, videos, and whitepapers that address every aspect of your career from graduation to retirement.

The best part? ASDA members can access all of this information right now for free.

The publication Dentist Employment Agreements: A Guide to Key Legal Provisions explains many of the terms and provisions common to dental employment agreements. While the Guide is not a substitute for a lawyer, it can help you craft questions to discuss with your legal advisor. It is important to have a lawyer review your employment contract.

The Dentist Employment Agreement Guide highlights several issues including:

  • Explanations of salary, commission, bonuses, and benefits
  • What a non-compete clause is and how it differs from non-solicitation
  • How mediation differs from arbitration, and what you are committing to when you agree to use one or the other as a means of dispute resolution
  • Points to consider when hiring a lawyer to review the employment agreement

It may seem counterintuitive in the current economy to question a job offer, but approaching with caution could save you from plenty of heartache down the road. The ADA is here to help you make a sound decision.

~ADA Center for Professional Success

ADA Center for Professional Success

The ADA Center for Professional Success provides practice management content and decision support tools with the goal of helping members practice successfully, learn conveniently and live well. Visit the Center at Success.ADA.org.

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