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Evaluating associateships: Questions to find your best fit

Job hunting is an arduous process. From struggling to find opportunities and evaluating your options to interviewing and negotiating your pay, finding your dream associateship is stressful. In his interview on the “Shared Practices” podcast, Dr. Chris Salierno, chief editor of Dental Economics, talked about the stresses of the new grad career path, explaining that when you’re meeting doctors throughout the process, “you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you.”

There are numerous factors about the doctor and practice for you to analyze during that interview, with no definitive guide to determine the ideal associateship. Asking the right questions helps you decide if an opportunity is right for you.

Planning for the future

When evaluating associateships, being intentional is everything. While you’re bound to learn and grow practicing under any dentist, actively seeking out the associateship that best helps you achieve your long-term goals decreases your likelihood of wasting your time and energy. This is even more critical if you plan to turn the associateship into ownership.

If you don’t have set long-term goals, start by getting a general idea of what your ideal future looks like from a clinical and a lifestyle perspective. Dr. Salierno advises that during the first six months of the associateship (roughly one recall cycle), you should continue to reevaluate if the opportunity is right for you. This constant evaluation keeps you intentional about your future

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~Kevin Reardon, Creighton ’20, Chapter Professional Development Chair

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Kevin Reardon

Kevin Reardon, Creighton ’20, is the professional development chair for his chapter.

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