Feeling broke? Think again. You’re richer than you know!

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When I meet dental students, as I regularly do in my travels to schools, I always make a point of asking: “What’s your most valuable asset?” The response is typically a glare that translates to: “Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much it costs to be here?!”

And then we go through an exercise where I ask students to name their most valuable belongings. Eventually someone lands on it… “I may not have much cash…but I do have my health.” and bingo! Indeed your health, and hence your ability to generate an income while you are healthy is your most precious asset.

If you’re like most young people, you may take your health for granted. Especially in dentistry it is critical that you take the very best care of yourself. The truth is, that without you there is no practice, without your ability to go to work every day, there is no income stream. Sadly, I know way too many dentists who have lost everything to a disability they couldn’t possibly have foreseen. Whether through illness or accident, we are all a step away from losing our ability to generate an income.

So when students ask me what is the smartest thing they can do with their money, I tell them to protect their ability to generate an income through the purchase of a disability income insurance policy. Insurance is most affordable you’re young and becomes increasingly expensive as you age. Also, some companies offer special discounts to students, so it may be wise to get this insurance while you’re still in school.

When you’re feeling broke these days, think again. If you have your health, you are in fact pretty wealthy, and there is no better time than today to protect that wealth.

~Christian Pearson, National Director of Dental Partnerships, Treloar & Heisel

Treloar & Heisel

Treloar & Heisel is a premier financial services provider to dental and medical professionals across the country. We assist thousands of clients from residency to practice and through retirement with a comprehensive suite of financial services, custom-tailored advice, and a strong national network focused on delivering a higher level of service. Visit us at Treloaronline.com

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  1. true indeed! in fact, another thing we dentist’s should be proud of the skill we have been blessed with. We are our own master, work anywhere, anytime, and the best part is, that while we earn with our skills, we also helping the humanity at the same time! that’s two more reasons to be happy about.

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