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Happy Money Monday! There is a website that we have mentioned a few times on Money Monday that is a great resource for dentists at any stage of their career, from student to retired.  Today, there is a relatively new feature on the website that we would like to share with you.  If you visit 360 Financial Literacy, you will see that they have broken down financial topics by stages of life.  You can choose a “path” for yourself based upon your current stage in life.  If you are a student, a parent, retired, etc, there is a different path to choose.  Choosing a path takes you to a site that is tailored to topics of common interest to others in the same situation.  For example, there are student budgets, loan calculators, financial aid articles, help with credit card debt payoff strategies and much more!

In other online resource news, was bought by Intuit, the company that also owns QuickBooks.  Intuit still owns market share in the small business bookkeeping arena so is working more like an Intuit product.  This is great news for dental students, as using will expose you to some of the functionalities that will be similar to using QuickBooks online one day when you are practicing.

Another site that I like mainly for its budget calculators is You Can Deal With It.  What I especially like about it is that at the top of the budget calculator is a category called “monthly savings.”  Since this should be top on a recent graduate’s list of where their new found income should go, I like that it is on top (perhaps indicating “VERY IMPORTANT.”)  Saving for an “emergency fund” and retirement are some of the most missed (but most important) areas in recent graduate budgets.

Check out some of these online tools, if not to use right away, to learn what is out there!

What are some online tools that you use for budgeting or finding quick financial tips?

~Megan Mathers, J.D., Mathers Law

Megan Mathers

Megan is an accountant and tax attorney with Mathers Law, a firm focused on providing accounting, tax, business advisory and legal services to the dental and medical communities. Megan earned her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Marquette University and her law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Megan's practice focuses on tax compliance, tax planning and wealth and estate planning.

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