Finding a better study snack

img_3546With the constantly looming mountain of studying, lab work and chart management, it can be hard to make smart snacking choices. Especially when you’re stressed, planning healthy snacks can seem like one more thing you don’t have time to deal with. Here are some of my favorite picks for satisfying munchies that won’t make you regret it later! Calorie estimates come from the USDA’s SuperTracker website, which can be found here.

Apple with yogurt

I like to buy a bag of apples so I always have them on hand. Rinse and slice a medium apple into 8 pieces. Spread some plain Greek yogurt on each slice for some protein and tang. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a dash of cinnamon on top.

Calories: medium apple, 72 Cal; ¼ cup plain fat free Greek yogurt, 36 Cal. Total: 108 Cal

Banana and peanut butter

This makes a great breakfast, snack or dessert on busy school days. It’s filling and delicious and provides lots of great nutrients. Put about 2 Tbl (that’s 1 serving) of peanut butter on the side of a plate. As you peel the banana, spread a bit of peanut butter on top. If you have a peanut allergy or get bored with the same old thing, try a different nut butter such as cashew or almond.

Calories: banana, 105 Cal; 2 Tbl peanut butter, 190 Cal. Total: 295 Cal
     Alternatives: 2 Tbl cashew butter, 188 Cal. 2 Tbl almond butter, 196 Cal.

Carrots with hummus

Another staple I like to keep on hand is a bag of baby carrots. They can satisfy a craving for something crunchy, fresh or even a little bit sweet. Pair them with hummus for a protein-packed kick. You can try different flavors of store-bought hummus or even make your own.

Calories: 1 cup baby carrots, 60 Cal; ¼ cup hummus, 109 Cal. Total: 169 Cal


If you’re anything like me, long nights of studying often become traps for mindless eating. These wholesome snacks are easy to put together, and they are better for your body than high-fat packaged foods. Do you have a favorite healthy study snack? Leave suggestions in the comments below!

~ Rachel Bush, Las Vegas ’18, Electronic Editor

Rachel Bush

Rachel is a fourth-year dental student at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. She hails from northern Illinois and has enjoyed the transition to desert life. She is active in her school's volunteer Women's Clinic, which provides free care for abused women. She serves as an electronic editor on ASDA's 2017-18 National Editorial Board (her second year in that role).

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