Get a jump on waxing teeth before dental school

Applying to dental school can be an arduous task. But that doesn’t mean dental school will be any less difficult! One way I eased my anxieties about dental school was getting acquainted with waxing teeth. Being familiar with teeth waxing can give you a head start in dental school if you’re unsure what to do with your time.

The first question you may have asked yourself is how does one get started in teeth waxing? It’s actually a very simple process, but you must be proactive. The most straightforward approach is to do a Google search for local dental labs around your area. Give them a call during their business hours. Make sure you are talking to a Certified Dental technician (CDT). I have been learning from the Berks Dental Laboratory for many months now. Communication is key on your behalf because you must explain to the CDT why they should set aside their time to help you. I explained my motivations on why I’m applying to dental school and what I hope to accomplish from this lab experience. My CDT was very helpful and on the first day he had some dental tools already lined up along with a Bunsen burner and pink wax.

Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade

Learning how to wax teeth is a vital skill that you will develop throughout dental school. Not only will you start developing manual dexterity, but more importantly, you will start understanding dental anatomy and terminology. Ever heard of the dental midline or what festooning is? Neither had I, but I’m glad I do now. If you’re curious, festooning is carving the base denture material to simulate the contours of the natural tissue. Being familiar with these terms beforehand will not only broaden your dental knowledge, but also solidify your interest in dental school! Don’t be afraid when you start to first wax teeth. At first, it will seem like a daunting, unfamiliar process since you never studied dental anatomy; however, starting before dental school will benefit you in the long run.


Showing an interest in dental school is an important quality when applying. If you’re unsure what to do, try to contact a dental lab. It will give you a good introduction to dental anatomy, something that you probably never learned from your college biology classes! Moreover, if you are involved with a predental club, they may have a relationship with a dental school that hosts a predental day.

Have you ever volunteered/worked at a dental lab? What did you learn?  Please share your experiences and questions in the comments below.

~Aashin Gokal, predental

Aashin Gokal

Aashin Gokal is a predental student and a Cornell University Alumnus who is planning to apply to dental school this year. Aashin enjoys volunteer work that ranges from Meals on Wheels to Hospice volunteering. Apart volunteering in the dental lab and shadowing, he enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.

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  1. This is really a nice post, Aashin for the students of dental school. Teeth waxing are a term of dental care, so, students should be aware about it. This post has all basics information about teeth waxing. Good for read.

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