Join us in celebrating 2016 ASDA Predental Week


Mark your calendar for the third annual ASDA Predental Week – best week of the year for predentals! From Feb. 21st to 27th, 2016, there will be exciting events nationwide hosted by ASDA chapters and predental clubs, as well as other activities and contests you can participate in online.

Predental Week features two amazing educational webinars, which are free for existing and prospective ASDA predental members:

Dentistry Hot Topics – What you should know before dental school. This webinar gives predental students a greater understanding of dentistry, and will help you prepare for your interviews. The topics will include mid-level providers and licensure reform.

Scholarships 101 – Are you looking for federal financial assistance to help with dental school costs? If so, look no further! You will learn the difference between National Health Service Corps (NHSC) and U.S. military’s Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). The webinar will feature panelists who received these scholarships sharing their advice on the application process, what they look for in a recipient and the life as an active duty dentist.

Would you like to be featured on ASDA’s official Instagram and Facebook page? Stay tuned for the Instagram photo contest.

ASDA chapters –As part of the predental recruitment incentive, the three chapters that recruit the most predental members to national ASDA will earn cash incentives and be recognized at the Gold Crown Awards ceremony held during the 2016 Annual Session in Dallas.

Predental club leaders – The predental club that recruits the most ASDA predental members from now until Feb. 27th will win a personalized webinar with ASDA national leaders, free lunch, and raffle prizes for your members. Are you ready to spread the “ASDAFever”? Be sure to register to participate in Predental Week by Jan. 20, 2016. You will receive promotional materials for your members.

Why should you join?  As an ASDA predental member, you will receive both tangible and intangible benefits, such as discounts on DAT studying materials, award winning publications and opportunity to attend district and national meetings. If you are searching for opportunities to strengthen your resume, then consider writing for ASDA or applying for a national predental position.

So, are you ready to Be Part of Something Bigger? Join during the Predental Week and you will be eligible for raffle prizes, including an Apple IPad mini, $250 Best Buy gift card and $100 Amazon gift card.

We hope that you catch “ASDAFever” by the end of the Predental Week! Being involved in organized dentistry as a predental student truly shows your commitment to the profession. I strongly encourage you to join now and utilize all the resources available to you.



Thanks to our 2016 Predental Week sponsor:

~Kai Huang, Central Florida ’16, ASDA predental consultant, Council on Membership

Kai Huang

Kai Huang is a third-year student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. He obtained his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Central Florida. He currently serves as the District 5 trustee. His #ASDAfever is high and contagious. He enjoys taking photos in the clinics as well as on vacation. Besides dentistry, he enjoys watching food vlogs on YouTube and plans to visit a new country every year.

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  1. Julia Lester says:

    Is it still possible for predental clubs to register to participate in ADSA predental week?

    1. Unfortunately registration is closed. While you can no longer request materials from ASDA’s Central Office, you can certainly participate in all the virtual events of the week!

  2. Lynn Doan says:

    I’m looking forward to the webinar on Dentistry Hot Topics!

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