Getting involved in ASDA leadership as a predental

There is no one-size-fits-all pathway to leadership. Every person’s unique experiences add to how they pursue being a leader. Whether or not you consider yourself a leader, the opportunity to take your skills to the next level are right around the corner as an ASDA member. Take a moment to reflect on what leadership means to you, and then see how ASDA can fit into that definition, even as a predental student.

Chapter member

As a member of an ASDA predental chapter, you are well on your way to establishing yourself as a leader. You can take the initiative to help your chapter organize events and tap into the network of predental and dental students across the nation. With your peers, you have the ability to learn about different programs, visit schools and start carving out your path for the future. If your school doesn’t have a chapter, learn how to start one.

Chapter leader

You have put in the hard work to be approved as a registered ASDA predental chapter, and now you can continue leading the community by exposing other predental students to organized dentistry, advocacy and information about each step of the dental school journey. Connect with fellow predental chapters in your region to gain even more support for your initiatives. There are a number of ASDA resources available to help your chapter grow.

National Leadership Conference

Want to build relationships and network with your peers and future colleagues in person? ASDA’s National Leadership Conference, scheduled for Nov. 16-18, gives you exactly that opportunity. Experience organized dentistry at the national scale with several unique sessions for predental students and learn about all the issues and skills that matter to dental students.

District predental advisory committee

The next step in your leadership journey provides the opportunity to impact the lives of predental students not only in your immediate community, but also in your district. Most districts have predental advisory committees that are led by current dental students and then filled by predental ASDA members. These committees work closely with dental schools and predental chapters in their district to build relationships and help predental students network and gain valuable experiences. Application timelines vary between districts but are generally sent out in the winter, with year-long commitments beginning in the spring.

National predental advisory committee

ASDA is a far-reaching national organization, and each decision it makes is in the best interest of its members. You can help expand predental member benefits and involvement across the country as part of this committee. Hone your leadership skills by communicating and planning with district trustees, chapter leaders and peers at different schools. You can apply to become a committee member now; applications are due Sunday, Dec. 16.

National predental consultant

As the national predental consultant, you will work closely with national ASDA leaders to manage the ASDA Predental Advisory Committee and align the efforts and mission of ASDA with predental outreach. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend national ASDA meetings such as the fall and spring council meetings as well as Annual Session. Learn more about how you can apply for this national ASDA leadership position.

After reading about the opportunities that await you, I hope you feel inspired to take a leap of faith and take your ASDA involvement to the next level! These opportunities and our ASDA network can only benefit you as a future dental professional.

~Michael Chen, University of Massachusetts Amherst ’19, ASDA Predental Advisory Committee

Michael Chen

Michael Chen will graduate in 2019 as a biochemistry and molecular biology major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He became hooked on organized dentistry through early experiences with the Massachusetts Dental Society and as a member of the District 1 Predental Advisory Committee. In his free time, he enjoys intramural sports, shows and geeking out about new technologies.

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