Gold Crown Award nominees for best Contour articles and blog post

Each year, ASDA publishes nearly 300 articles in Contour magazine and ASDA Blog combined — planned and written by dental students. Each piece of student-written content can be considered for a Gold Crown Award in the media category, which honors excellence in chapter publications, social media and websites, and outstanding contributions to ASDA national publications.

These are the nominees for the 2019 awards, for contributions to ASDA’s national publications. All content was judged based on the following criteria: relevance, originality, research, presentation (Contour) and online impact (ASDA Blog).


Best Blog Post

The measles outbreak and modern health information accessibility
Richard Rodriguez, Texas A&M ’21

Changing the perception of dentistry: Q&A with ‘Queer Eye’ dentist
Katherine Hayes, Missouri-Kansas City ’22

Juneteenth: A celebration of freedom
Alexandria Evans, Texas A&M ’22

Motivational interviewing to improve patient outcomes
Joan Daniel, New England ’22

Analogies as an analgesic: Making painful conversations more comfortable
Rachel Bryant, Midwestern-Arizona ’21


Best Feature Article

Connecting with LGBTQ patients
Corey Smigiel, Pennsylvania ’21

Using innovative marketing strategies in dentistry
Annce Shah Kadri, Boston ’22

Dental tourism
Laurel Fuentes, Harvard ’20

The Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act
Patrick Campbell, Marquette ’20

Editor’s Choice*

Coping with dental guilt
Jennifer Hoang, Texas-Houston ’20

Explaining the ‘Seniors Have Eyes, Ears and Teeth Act’
Kate McPherson, North Carolina ’20

Oral health barriers of the transgender community
Laura I. Perez Nunez, Puerto Rico ’22

Pass/fail curricula and student success
Tal Sastow-Robbins & Jose De La Guerra, Pennsylvania ’21

*This category includes magazine content outside of the feature well.


The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students.

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