Gold Crown Awards best article nominees

2013-14 Editor-in-Chief Katie Sowa and 2012-13 Chair of the Council on Communications Dr. Jaclyn Rivera present the media category at the 2013 Gold Crown Awards.
2013-14 Editor-in-Chief Katie Sowa and 2012-13 Chair of the Council on Communications Dr. Jaclyn Rivera present the media category at the 2013 Gold Crown Awards.

The Gold Crown Awards include several categories and more than 45 awards. One section of awards is completely dedicated to media. These awards recognize chapter newsletters, websites and social media but they also recognize the articles members contribute to ASDA’s national publications as well. ASDA News and Mouth are rare among association publications. Many associations hire professionals to write their news and magazine but ASDA finds value in representing the dental student voice by soliciting volunteers to write nearly all of the content in ASDA News and Mouth (and this blog!).

Each year, ASDA publishes roughly 150 articles in ASDA News and more than 60 in Mouth. From all of this content, ASDA’s communications staff and the Editorial Board selected the following nominees for best news story and best feature story of 2013. Read through the nominees below and click the article title to read the full text.

If you’re interested in writing for ASDA’s national publications, all you need to do is be a member and fill out a brief form. Click here to find out more.

Nominees for the best news story of 2013:

Women in dentistry: an increase in diversity and a change in dynamics” by Chau Leminh, Indiana ’16

New study finds clinical screenings poor predictors of oral cancer” by Kellen Bosma, Southern Illinois ’13

New legislative measures in cleft lip and palate insurance coverage” by Jordan Janis, Arizona ’16

Should every state allow hygienists to provide local anesthesia?” by Helen X. Yang, Harvard ’16

Large cities targeted by anti-fluoridation movement” by Roderick H.B. Davies, Oklahoma ’15

Nominees for the best feature story of 2013: 

Career changers shed light on their non-traditional routes to dental school” by Yesle Kim, Pennsylvania ’16

The dudes you didn’t know were dentists” by Joe Vaughn, Alabama ’15

Fighting cancer in dental school” by Josh Nardone, Colorado ’14

Beyond the Band-Aid: Mission of Mercy founder makes lasting changes” by Laura Johnson, Nebraska ’15

Thanks for reading ASDA’s publications. If you missed an issue of ASDA News or Mouth, just visit to access the digital versions. Good luck to the nominees! Winners will be announced on Feb. 28 at the Gold Crown Awards Ceremony in Anaheim, Calif.

The remaining media awards and most chapter achievement awards require an application. All Gold Crown Awards applications are due on Jan. 31. Speak with your chapter leaders and remind them to submit early. You can find all the information you need on creating a Gold Crown application here.
~Katie Sowa, Houston ’15, editor-in-chief

Katie Sowa

Katie Sowa is a 4th year student at the University of Texas School of Dentistry. She was the 2013-2014 Editor-in-chief and led the 6-member editorial board in planning content for ASDA News, Mouth, and Mouthing Off. She was ASDA's first electronic editor from 2012-2013. Katie currently serves as Immediate Past President of her ASDA Chapter and the JADA Editorial Board Student Liaison. When she's not at school, you can find Katie working on her Power Cleans at a CrossFit box at 5:00am, no matter what city she's in.

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