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ADA Success offers a free series of live, in-person programs presented by ADA member dentists or other subject matter experts on topics such as managing debt and wealth, practice management, employment agreements, and more. Hear from Dr. Rico Short, an ADA Success speaker, on why he devotes the time to present and why you should make the time to attend.

How long have you been a Success speaker and what are some of the benefits of the Success Program for schools and students? 
The students are exposed to active practicing dentists, some of which still can relate to the rigors of dental school.  It is a nice connection because we share success stories as well as stories “learned” from not making the best decisions.   Also, bringing Success programs to the dental schools is a significant benefit, this gives students exposure to other dentists that may or may not be practicing in the same area. We make it a fun learning environment.

What is your favorite part about being a Success speaker?
My favorite part about being a success speaker is to connect with the students on their level.  Social media is a huge part of this connection.  I share cases, success stories, inspirational stories, my journeys throughout dental school, becoming a dentist, volunteer work, and just family and work-life balance. What’s nice and an extra bonus, I’ve had the opportunity in my practice to provide oral care for celebrities.  It’s always cool to show a picture or video of some of those celebrities. This really captivates their attention!

Why did you decide to join the ADA Success speaker corps?
I decided to join the ADA Speakers Corps because I wanted to have a voice in organized dentistry and help others.  It gives me an opportunity to connect with our best and brightest future dentist from all over the country.  Also, it helps me stay young as well!

How do you believe the Success programs impact students?
The success program really gives students an eye-opening view of what life is like after dental school.  It eases the tension and makes them more comfortable getting out to practice dentistry.  Moreover, as a Success speaker, this is an opportunity to mentor and through the Success connections, they already have another “adopted” mentor.

What are some of the comments/feedback you hear back from students?    
The feedback from the students is awesome!  They are always very thankful.  Many line up after the lecture topic to ask personal questions or questions they were too afraid to ask with the students present.

What are some of the comments/feedback you hear from school administration?
The school administration is always very thankful we took the time out of our busy schedules to invest it into the lives of their students.  They understand the financial sacrifice away from our offices. I think it is an honor and an opportunity to give back to the next generation!

Find out if a program is coming to your school and how you can request a program. Visit ADA.org/successprograms.

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