Health and wellness: there’s an app for that!

Explore hiking and biking trails such as this one at Mt. Charleston, Nevada, using the Hiking Project app.

Meeting your health goals can be challenging, especially when finding a balance between healthy living and dental school. Your smart phone can be the perfect health tool, but you need to choose the right app. Health, exercise and nutrition can become both fun and accessible with the right apps. Whether you are taking your first steps towards a healthy lifestyle or looking to re-vamp your fitness routine, these four free health apps may make a difference!

1. Charity Miles
Need some motivation for that after-class run? How about an app that puts a philanthropic spin on the conventional fitness tracker? Charity Miles works by tracking steps, with each step helping a charity of your choice. Users get to choose from over 40 national charities, including Operation Smile and Pencils for Promise. This app will inspire you to run faster and walk further while making an impact and helping others!

2. Hiking Project
Whether you’re new to your area or looking for your next outdoor running trail, this app will have you outdoors in no time. With over 120,000 miles of free trail maps at your fingertips, this app helps you choose the best walking, hiking and biking trails in your area. Get reviews, stats, descriptions and photos for each hike before setting off on your adventure. The app also works offline for when you explore far away from cell service.

3. Yummly
If cooking and finding the perfect recipe is always a challenge, then this app is for you. Start by entering your favorite cuisines, allergies, specific dietary restrictions and disliked foods. The app then selects recipes based on those choices, so you can search for recipes based on your dietary needs and taste preferences. Have only a few ingredients at home and no time to go to the grocery store? No problem! Enter your available ingredients and the app displays recipes for you.

4. Headspace
Have you heard about the benefits of meditation but don’t know where to start? This app teaches you the basics of meditation in only a few minutes each day. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus and increase sleep quality. Each daily meditation is approximately 3 minutes long, perfect for a study break or right before bed. Headspace also offers meditation sessions made specifically for students, health, performance, etc. so you can focus your meditation time towards specific areas of your life.

Taking that first step toward a change is often the hardest. These apps are meant to make your health goals easier to reach. With these in your back pocket, you’re on your way to wellness!


ASDA’s Wellness Month is generously supported by ADA student members insurance plans underwritten by Great-West Financial.

~ Madison Kurz, Roseman ’20

Madison Kurz

Madison Kurz is a second-year dental student at Roseman University and is the health and wellness chair for her ASDA chapter. She enjoys hiking, skiing and exploring Utah in her free time.

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