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How I transferred dental schools

Colorado ASDA Representatives at the 2013 District 9 Meeting

What do Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Warren Buffett, Lucy Liu, Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and I have in common? We are all transfer students! Granted, they transferred undergraduate universities while I transferred dental schools. A year ago I did not even know transferring dental schools was possible. I had never heard of anyone transferring.

My first year of dental school at the University of Colorado was tough, like it is for the majority of students, filled with late nights of studying, waxing, practicing preps on plastic teeth and bonding with your classmates over the crazy incident that happened in anatomy lab. July 2013 was slated to be an awesome but busy month as I was finishing first year, completing Part 1 of boards, getting married and going on a honeymoon.

Three weeks before our wedding, my fiancé found out he was being transferred to Dallas, Texas. I called and emailed Baylor in the hopes of just finding out about the possibility of transferring, telling my fiancé there was a 99% chance we wouldn’t be living in the same state for the next three years. Normally, the process for transferring dental schools starts during the fall of your first year. It amounts to reapplying to dental school: dental school and college transcripts, letters of recommendation from your dental school professors, DAT scores, personal statement and secondary applications. After several stressful days and phone calls with the dean of admissions, we had a meeting date. The week of our wedding, my husband and I flew to Dallas so I could interview at Baylor. I was accepted that day and planned to move to Texas the day we returned from our honeymoon.

It felt like being a first year all over again, not knowing where classrooms were and what professors’ names were.  I was very blessed to transfer into a friendly and tight-knit class. Everyone was curious about my previous experience at Colorado, especially the similarities and differences. I was fortunate the curriculum between the schools lined up very well so I did not have to repeat any classes. I also was not the only transfer student in my new class, there were two other students; we had all taken boards before transferring so everyone wanted study tips when boards time came at Baylor.

At Colorado I was involved in ASDA and was fortunate to attend the District 9 meeting where I met other ASDA members from Oklahoma, San Antonio, Houston and Baylor. When I arrived at Baylor I sought out the ASDA members I previously met to immediately get involved. I took over the vacant Lunch-n-Learn position at Baylor and am now the events coordinator. My involvement with ASDA made my transition between schools easier and helped me find a place at Baylor. It has been an amazing experience and I now have good friends at multiple schools.

Baylor ASDA Representatives at the 2014 National Convention
Baylor ASDA Representatives at the 2014 National Convention

Have you had an experience in dental school that had some connection to your involvement with ASDA? Share your experiences in the comments below!

~Lynn Pruisner Miller, Baylor ’16, District 9 social media director

Lynn Miller

Lynn Pruisner Miller is a third year dental student at Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry. She currently is serving as the Events Coordinator at Baylor ASDA and Social Media Director for ASDA District 9. Outside of ASDA and school, she enjoys reading books, running, hiking, skiing, camping and cooking with her husband.

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  1. Ahmed khaled says:

    Good morning ,

    My name is Ahmed khaled from Egypt

    I am a dental student who has just finished my 4th year at ain shams Uni

    Out of a 6 year course 

    And i was wondering if there any chances that i could transfer to a dental school to complete my study ! 
    Any help or suggestions to start from ??

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