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How it’s made: CAD/CAM dentistry

With more and more industries moving away from physical information, many are looking at technology as a more efficient means of capturing, translating and delivering that information. While CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) dentistry has been around for a few decades, the technology itself has matured to the point where it is more accessible in terms of cost and usability. Whether it’s used to digitally send an impression to a lab or to provide a patient with a same-day crown, CAD/CAM technology is quickly being integrated into the field of dentistry.

With that being said, this video is a very basic introduction to the general workflow for a CAD/CAM crown. While this video uses a specific system, the concepts discussed are general and relevant to most systems.

~David Ho, Midwestern-Arizona ’18, member, Video Blog Subcommittee

David Ho

David Ho, a third year dental student at Midwestern University-Arizona, currently serves on ASDA's Video Blog Subcommittee as well as historian for his local chapter at MWU. Originally from Texas, David enjoys photographing the starry nights of Arizona, and making dental parodies with his classmates.

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