How mentorship can guide you to success

Mentors. Not only is finding a great mentor crucial for this long journey to becoming a dentist but also being one to fellow classmates will be benefit you. Being a first-generation college student I can’t go to my parents for this type of advice or guidance. Along this journey I have met several types of mentors.

1: Advisers help not only by suggesting classes and professors but also by suggesting extracurricular activities. They can help you build your resume and gain exposure in other fields that will be beneficial in dental school and after. Advisers are great mentors because they have witnessed many students in past years go through the same career path and have helped them reach their goal.

2: Classmates are also great mentors because they are going through the exact same thing as you. Your classmates may be able to help with the ADEA AADSAS application and DAT  and they have also taken the same required classes needed to apply. Asking an upperclassman from your predental club about a class they have taken will be very helpful.

3: Dentists that you have shadowed will also be great mentors. From application tips to interview pointers, dentists have been through the same process and can be of great assistance with any questions you might have. Dentists can let you know how they did things to achieve their goals and they may also have pointers about things they would have done differently.

Having the three mentors I mentioned above have made this journey smoother than when I was researching dental schools and dental tips on my own. Luckily, a predental club was founded my second year on campus and now I serve as a mentor sharing any tips and resources I have picked up throughout the process. In serving as a mentor to others, I have also gained a lot from mentees. I believe in letting others know what I did and what I would change to help them the way others helped me..

~Nuvia Lemus, Fort Hays State University ’15, predental club treasurer

Nuvia Lemus

Nuvia is a senior student at Fort Hayes State University, and is a predental student. She is excited to be an ASDA member and is happy to contribute to making things easier for future predental students.

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