How to be a good leader

Whether in school or after in a practice setting, achieving your goals will usually come down to one thing: being a good leader. Leaders in a dental practice are the backbone of an operation; a good leader can inspire an inexperienced team to do things that a team that has been together for 10+ years but with no leadership cannot. Because a successful leader is invaluable to any team, at Heartland Dental, we invest in leadership development for supported doctors. While a leader needs to be many things to be successful, here are just a few of the most important traits to have.


To make your team believe in you, the first thing you have to do is make them believe that you believe in yourself. Okay, so that may be a little bit of a tongue twister, but confidence will inspire the best efforts from others. Part of the job of a leader is to maintain a cool and collected nature, always believing the best for the team.


Similar to confidence, it’s important to display enthusiasm in order to inspire your team. People are more likely to give a better effort and respond in a more positive manner when you’re more enthusiastic and energetic. You’re not just meant to be a leader, but a motivator as well. Remember, enthusiasm can be contagious!


Asking the best out of your team is a hard task. Asking the best out of your team when you’re not giving it your all is impossible. Commitment trickles down and the surest way to get your team to give it their best effort is by doing so yourself. Lead by example, and your team will be more motivated to follow.


Communication is critical when you’re setting goals in the workplace. While your goal is always crystal clear to yourself when you’re thinking it through, it may be a little hazy when you’re trying to explain it to someone else. The art of communication is a vital trait; without it, your team may not be able to work together toward the same goal.

Lead Today

Don’t wait for a title or graduation to be a good leader – start today! Little things like sitting in the front row of class, volunteering on campus, coordinating study groups and even arranging happy hours are good practice!

These actions and these traits are just a sampling of what good leaders do and are. But don’t just aspire to be good – aspire to be great!

~ Heartland Dental

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