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How to communicate with your patient: part III (video series)

As dental students, our experiences involving patient communication are rather limited. While we have the ability to practice our craft on a manikin, we can never fully prepare ourselves for the different scenarios where we may need to manage a patient in order to provide quality care. This three-part video series focuses on how to navigate difficult communication situations, so that hopefully you would be prepared when faced with a similar situation!

Now that you’ve learned how to manage an emotionally charged patient (see part I) and how to deal with time delays (see part II), it’s time to learn ways to manage patient expectations.

~David Ho, Midwestern-Arizona ’18, member, Video Blog Subcommittee

David Ho

David Ho, a third year dental student at Midwestern University-Arizona, currently serves on ASDA's Video Blog Subcommittee as well as historian for his local chapter at MWU. Originally from Texas, David enjoys photographing the starry nights of Arizona, and making dental parodies with his classmates.

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  1. Communication between the patient and the dentist is so important! Poor communication can lead to a lack of trust, and the patient may even develop some anxiety about the visit. Being open with patients is a great way to make them comfortable.

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