How to maneuver a strict vendor policy

Maryland ASDA partnered with the University Student Government Association to host a paint night at a local art studio.

A strong ASDA chapter depends on having funds to host various activities, engage members and expand chapter participation to the national level. While many chapters turn to vendor fairs, lunch-and-learns and event sponsorships, not every chapter is so lucky.

Many schools maintain strict vendor policies to prevent industry representatives from advertising on school grounds. This requires chapters to come up with new ideas, a lesson I learned as my chapter’s former treasurer and current president. Here are some ideas that might help your chapter’s fundraising efforts.

Offer the tried and true: food

Start with a simple bake sale with cookies and brownies, or take it to the next level and sell lunch to your classmates: taco Tuesday, Chick-fil-A, halal — the possibilities are endless. You can even partner with local restaurants to host fundraising nights. Most of them would be happy to help. I am sure the D1s in the library would love a study break for dinner; knowing their sandwich and cookie from Panera Bread is helping ASDA host an upcoming wellness event for them sweetens the deal. At Maryland, our ASDA chapter hosts an annual mug sale after Thanksgiving. The mugs are delivered during December’s busy exam season, and we offer free coffee and hot chocolate, in combination with a holiday bake sale, when the students pick up their mug.

Read the March issue of Contour to learn four more ways you can fundraise for your chapter.

~Alexandra Fitzgerald, Maryland ’18, Chapter President

Alexandra Fitzgerald

Alexandra Fitzgerald is a fourth-year student at Maryland and is the president of her chapter.

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