How to protect your online bank accounts

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For many young dentists and students alike, online banking has become second nature. The ease of mobile and online banking has made online banking a go-to for busy professionals on the go. With this ease come security concerns. Here are some ways to keep your accounts as secure as possible:

  • Use Anti-Virus software on computer. Anti-virus software works to lower the risk that you accidentally download files that could harm your computer or track your computer’s activity.
  • Beware of phishing emails that ask for personal information. These emails usually appear to be from banks or financial institutions. Emails may also appear to be from the IRS. If you receive anything suspicious, contact the bank or institution directly at a trusted phone number. It is also important to remember that IRS will mail you a notification or correspondence to your last known address FIRST, before calling or making other efforts to contact you. Contact your accountant or professional advisor before responding to any such emails.
  • This seems simple, but use strong passwords and DIFFERENT passwords for different accounts.
  • Always use your own personal phone or computer to access online accounts. Public Wi-Fi is not necessarily secure, so using your own connection that IS secure will lower the risk of exposure. You could also consider using an active directory reporting system which should keep your data secure, even when you’re away from your home or workplace.

With identity theft on the rise, take these steps to best protect yourself and your personal information from getting into the hands of the wrong people.

~Megan Mathers, J.D., Mathers Law

Megan Mathers

Megan is an accountant and tax attorney with Mathers Law, a firm focused on providing accounting, tax, business advisory and legal services to the dental and medical communities. Megan earned her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Marquette University and her law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Megan's practice focuses on tax compliance, tax planning and wealth and estate planning.

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