Ideas for making extra money while in school

As dental students, we rarely have time to take for ourselves, let alone to devote to a side job. Long eight-hour days, combined with the need to study for yet another exam, makes free time a precious commodity. However, there are a few ways to make some extra cash on the side without sacrificing too much time and effort.

Tutoring. This is a great option for dental students who want to make some extra cash while putting years of studying the biomedical sciences to good use. It’s also flexible; the hours depend only on tutor and student availability, which are generally similar. If you don’t know anyone you can tutor in person, apply for any online tutoring sites that provide services through a video call.

Selling crafts on Etsy. I know many people who have their own shops on Etsy ( to sell different types of crafts they enjoy making. Not only are you able to spend time doing something you love; you also can sell some of those handmade items for profit.

Delivering food or groceries. Uber Eats, Postmates, Favor, Instacart … the list goes on for food delivery services. Driving for these usually only requires a short orientation and access to a car. You can choose your hours based on your schedule.

Selling your old clothes and books. We all have those clothes that don’t fit us anymore or the books that we haven’t read since high school. You may choose to donate these items. Another option is to sell clothes to stores such as Plato’s Closet or Poshmark, and books to stores such as Half Price Books. You may not earn glamorous amounts of money; however, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Doing freelance photography. If you’re into photography, establishing a portfolio to freelance as a photographer can provide a good stream of income. It is an investment; however, a hobby in photography can benefit you in the long run, and freelancing can be flexible.

The opportunities to make money are endless if you’re creative. These are only a few options for ways you can earn some extra change.

~Shilpa Kudva, Texas A&M ’21, ASDA Electronic Editor

Shilpa Kudva

Shilpa Kudva, Texas A&M '21, attended Southern Methodist University for her undergraduate studies. She has served as legislative liaison for her ASDA chapter and as an ASDA electronic editor. In her free time, she loves to play her flute, read fiction novels and cycle.

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