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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Dental school can feel overwhelming. Do you struggle with classes, lab work or clinic? Are personal issues causing you unmanageable stress? If you needed help, would you know where to go to receive support? Do you know a classmate who may be struggling with emotional or mental distress?

In the wake of the tragic loss of ASDA Past President Jiwon Lee in 2014, an association-wide wellness initiative was launched. ASDA has identified and created several resources to help dental students maintain physical and emotional health, and mental well-being. Here are a few you should check out and share with classmates:

  • ASDA’s Wellness Resources page is the central hub for information. It can direct you to the Winter Issue of Mouth that features articles on maintaining wellness while in dental school. A list of other dental student health and wellness articles can be found on ASDA’s website.
  • ASDA has compiled links to each dental school’s wellness center. Select your dental school to get contact information and a brief summary of what services are available to you.
  • ASDA’s Editorial Board is kicking off a monthly feature on Mouthing Off called “Wellness Wednesday.” These blog posts will highlight different topics, advice and aspects of health and wellness. If you are interested in writing a Wellness Wednesday blog post, e-mail [email protected].

As an ASDA family, we care for each other and support each other in all aspects of our dental school careers and beyond. As a family, we are approachable and willing to help our classmates and friends. Be that listening ear, that shoulder to lean on, and that heart to share compassion and concern.

If you or someone you know may need support, please utilize the websites and links above. And whatever the struggle, tell a friend, a family member or a professor about it. 

~Jay Banez, Marquette ’16, electronic editor

Jay Banez

Jay Banez is one of ASDA's electronic editors. Originally from Las Vegas, Jay is a D4 at Marquette School of Dentistry. Jay is also the Media & Communications Chair for #MarquetteASDA. You can catch him walking around school occasionally with his camera in hand, posting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These efforts helped lead Marquette to its Ideal ASDA Chapter title at the 2014 Gold Crown Awards.

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  1. Great resources here! It’s important for dentist students and established dentists to get refreshers on these sorts of things. Thanks for sharing!

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