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Indiana University ASDA chapter “adopts a family” for the holidays

A cart strolled to the check-out with care, full of goodies, for the children to share.
A cart strolled to the check-out with care, full of goodies, for the children to share.

While other D2s were preparing for boards and would not even consider leaving their apartments without their dental decks, members of the Indiana University School of Dentistry’s ASDA chapter took time to deck the halls for a local family in need. Working in conjunction with the Marion County Department of Child Services, IU ASDA’s Community Service Coordinator Sonia Dhingra spearheaded an effort to provide assistance for members of the community who, without the efforts of numerous organizations throughout the greater Indianapolis area, would have gone without gifts and decorations this holiday season.

Sonia Dhingra (D2) shops for holiday adopt-a-family
Sonia Dhingra (D2) shops for holiday adopt-a-family

Through fundraising goals achieved by scrub sales, an Oral-B toothbrush regimen fundraiser, and our upcoming Student Convention and Vendor Fair, IU ASDA was able to sponsor the Christmas lists of brothers ages three and four and an 8-month old baby girl, who, according to Dhingra (D2) “were a lot of fun to shop for!” We weren’t given any details about the children, just some of their interests. The little boys listed that they like Jake the Pirate, Bubble Guppies, Scooby Doo and Spongebob. We bought each child two outfits (one a little more formal and one “athletic” outfit). We also bought them hats and gloves in preparation for winter weather. We bought toys for the little boys and a walker for the 8-month-old girl. We put the gifts in gift bags and attached bows so that the kids would have more fun unwrapping the gifts.

In all, we spent around $250 of funds that ASDA has raised throughout the year. Though it may seem like a lot to spend on three children, we are certain that the contributions made a large impact. This is the first time IU ASDA has done an event like this and I definitely think we should do it again next year on an even larger scale. Delivering the toys to the Department of Child Services was really heartwarming.

More than anything, this event allowed ASDA members to take a step back and reflect and give back to the community that extends beyond the walls of the dental school.

~Annissa Michael, Indiana ’15


Annissa Michael, D3, is serving as the President of the Indiana University chapter of the American Student Dental Association. Starting her D1 year, Annissa has been dedicated to the restructuring and growth of this chapter and is excited to see what the future holds for this young and passionate association.

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  1. What a great story to read! It’s so important to give back to the community because they they are the artery of your business.

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