Is children’s dentistry a fail-safe career choice?


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Due to recent changes in legislation and an ongoing shortage of dentists that work with children, demand for children’s dentistry is soaring. For dentists who love working with children, this is a savvy career choice with a promising future. Here’s why:

  • High Income: Data from the American Dental Association indicates that dentistry for children is now the fastest growing dental specialty, and the impressive salary might be partly to explain. On average, dentists who work with children earn annual incomes that are $100,000 higher than general dentists.
  • Job Security: Unlike some forms of elective and cosmetic dentistry, which are more susceptible to economic ups and downs, children’s dentistry is seen as somewhat recession proof. While adults may forgo even necessary dental procedures in times of financial difficulty, they are less likely to delay dental care for their children.
  • Growing Patient Demand: In many areas of the country, especially in poorer and more rural areas, demand for dentists far exceeds supply. But demand is skyrocketing everywhere for a multitude of other reasons, including a rising incidence of tooth decay and a public that is becoming better educated on the importance of dental care early in life. To top it off, the Affordable Care Act will give dental benefits to as many as 8.7 million additional children by the year 2018, bringing demand for children’s dentists to unprecedented levels.

For decades to come, dentistry for children will be a secure and lucrative career path. But at Kool Smiles, our dentists don’t just make a great living. They make a difference in the lives of underserved children across the country. They end every day knowing they’ve made a positive change in the life of a child. What more could you ask for?

Could you see yourself as a Kool Smiles dentist? Why or why not?

~Kool Smiles

Kool Smiles

At Kool Smiles, our dream is to create a world of happy, healthy smiles. At Kool Smiles, you can combine your passion with purpose and make a difference in the lives of families.

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  1. Good reminder that pediatric dentistry is considered a top necessity by most– very compelling argument in favor of the profession’s long term job security.

  2. It’s a great career option as long as the individual has the desire and character necessary to work with children one on one.

  3. i always had a hard time treating child patietns

  4. Samuel says:

    I absolutely love the challenge of persuading a kid who may be reluctant to cooperate with the dentist to “save his teeth”. I believe some doctors are meant to work with kids and others definitely have the characteristics but not necessarily the patience to comfort an apprehensive patient.

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