Keys to success? Zoom with a dentist and find out

What is a zipper clause?

How do I size up a prospective employer?

What are the workplace rights for the dental team?

How do I create a budget and make it work for me?

What are some of the ethical issues you can face as a new dentist?

How has the median income and demographics of dentistry changed in recent years?

What resources are at my disposal when it comes to COVID-19 and treating patients?

These questions and countless others can be answered with the ADA Success Program, which is now virtual.

I am an ADA Success speaker, one of more than 40 dentists who make this commitment to bring relevant information and resources, along with our personal stories, to dental students. I remember that most of my dental education focused on clinical skills, but there is so much more to know if you want to succeed. Each ADA Success module is one-hour long, and topics include:

  • Finding a Job
  • Managing Debt & Wealth
  • Leadership & Ethics in Dentistry
  • Organized Dentistry: You and the ADA
  • Practice Management for All Dentists
  • State of the Dental Profession
  • Understanding Employment Agreements (presented by attorneys)

The ADA Success Program modules are free for your dental school or ASDA chapter. Choose one or all seven. Learn more and schedule a program today at ADA.org/SuccessPrograms.

Hope to see you at ADA Success!

~Dr. Gabriel Holdwick, 2020-2021 ADA Success Speaker, 2013-14 ASDA Speaker of the House

This blog post was sponsored by the American Dental Association.

American Dental Association

The American Dental Association (ADA) powers the profession of dentistry to advance the overall oral health of the public. Our vision is to empower the dental profession to achieve optimal health for all. Members of ASDA are also student members of the ADA. Learn more at ADA.org/student.

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