Learn how you can earn $250-500 for your ASDA chapter

Your ASDA chapter can earn up to $500 just by getting the class of 2021 to complete their “Level Up” ADA membership application at ADA.org/LevelUp.

Your ASDA chapter receives the money, and a completed application — which only takes a couple minutes to fill out — gives the graduates 18 months of national ADA membership for $0. Dentists going into a grad program receive $0 national dues for the duration of their program. Here’s how it works:

  • Receive a $500 incentive check if 95% of your graduating class completes a Level Up application
  • Receive a $250 incentive check if 80% of your graduating class completes a Level Up application

The earlier the class of 2021 “levels up,” the sooner your chapter can receive the cash incentive.

Questions? Email the ADA Office of Student Affairs.

~American Dental Association

This blog post was sponsored by the American Dental Association.

American Dental Association

The American Dental Association (ADA) powers the profession of dentistry to advance the overall oral health of the public. Our vision is to empower the dental profession to achieve optimal health for all. Members of ASDA are also student members of the ADA. Learn more at ADA.org/student.

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