Make the most of your travel budget

My family hosted students from Italy, China, Ukraine and Thailand from short periods up to a year when I was in high school. I told myself, “One day, you will visit them.” I started my undergrad program, and it was clear that studying abroad was not an option, but again I told myself, “One day, you will travel.” Three years later, dental school started, but this time I said, “Enough is enough. Today is ‘one day,’ and I am traveling.” I just needed to figure out how to do it on a budget.

Since then, I have been to 16 countries. I’ve hiked into the heart of a dormant Icelandic volcano, watched the French national football final, and saw my favorite musical in the West End of London. I hope by sharing my tips for traveling on a budget, I’ll inspire your next adventure.

Start with your flight. The best practice: Monitor and be patient. The Hopper app tracks flights to and from everywhere, providing real-time updates on flight costs. Hopper does not always have the cheapest flights, but it gives an estimate for the lowest cost you will find. Start watching nine months out, then compare the prices on Hopper to and One of the three will offer the estimated fee. If you are going to multiple cities, compare each airport as well as train accessibility. It might be cheaper to do a round trip from the same city, but see how much the trains are to get back there from your final city. Final flight note: Consider off-season travel for better access to tourist attractions and cheaper flights.

For additional tips, finish reading in the March issue of Contour magazine.

~Ryan Twaddle, Marquette ’19, 2018-19 ASDA Speaker of the House

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