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Now that dental school is ending, you might recall the lunch & learn you attended where MedPro discussed malpractice insurance as you devoured your sandwich.

You may remember the differences between occurrence and claims-made policies, the importance of carrier financial strength ratings, and why having PURE consent is a big deal.

Soon, you’ll be making one of the most significant decisions: choosing your dental malpractice insurance carrier. Wait – one of the biggest career choices? If you flipped through MedPro’s Dental Malpractice 101 Handbook, you may recall that nearly 7,000 dentists are named in lawsuits each year. Pretty big.

One MedPro goal is educating students on malpractice insurance coverage. So, here’s a breakdown on important considerations:

  1. Two words: PURE CONSENT. If it’s not offered, ask why.
  2. Occurrence. If you aren’t offered the choice of an occurrence policy, are you going to get stuck paying for ‘tail coverage’ if/when you change employers? And, how long does the tail last? (Surprisingly, some companies provide tail coverage for only 3-5 years.)
  3. Does the malpractice company have in-house risk management and claims teams that are specialized in dentistry? Does it hire the best trial lawyers across the country?
  4. Does the company offer malpractice protection in every single state? If not, what might happen if you relocate?

MedPro offers PURE consent, occurrence policies, specialized dental teams and other benefits that come with a policy provided by the #1 dental malpractice insurance company in the nation – for as low as $50 with your ASDA member discount!

Want more info.? Request your Dental Malpractice 101 Handbook, or check out this ASDA-specific website.

ASDA and new-to-practice discount qualification required. Availability based upon business and regulatory approval. Products administered and underwritten by the Medical Protective Company or its affiliates. Visit medpro.com/affiliates.

~Jenn Gibson, dental student coordinator, Medical Protective


MedPro Group

As an ASDA member, you receive exclusive discounts with MedPro Group, the nation’s leader in dental malpractice insurance as well as: Occurrence coverage as low as $50 (ASDA member benefit); Pure consent to settle; and unmatched expertise from a company defending dentists since 1899.

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  1. Great advice on making sure you know what exactly constitutes malpractice from a customer perspective.

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