Moral Monday: enter the ADA Student Ethics video contest!

Some say you can’t learn ethics, that you are raised with them. In dental school, however, we at times find ourselves in situations that are truly unique and unpredictable – both ethically and professionally. At times like these it is helpful to have a mentor and a code of ethics to refer to. The ADA Code of Ethics is available online and can keep you from losing your patients’ trust, and your license. The number of hours implemented in dental school curriculums for teaching of ethics has increased over the past few years nationwide. One of the possible backlashes for this way of learning ethics is it being labeled as “boring” and “redundant.” The ADA Student Ethics Video Contest is a great way to learn the code of ethics while making a movie with your classmates! Talk with your classmates, find a good quality camera, learn a video editing software, and write a script – that’s all it takes. Be the team leader and motivate your friends to do something that you can all look back on as practicing dentists. As this year’s editor and director of the contest winner “The Unprofessional 2,” I encourage those who have not won this year, to apply next year; and those that haven’t applied to start brainstorming! The contest rules can be found here, along with previous contest winners. Good luck, and have fun!

~Alex Sadak, Stony Brook ’14

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