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More basics of dental photography (video)

If you missed last week’s post on dental photography, click here and watch the video. Now that you have learned the basics, it’s time to apply them in clinic! This video will give you the settings you need to start dental photography. Put your camera in Manual mode and follow along.

Here are some resources mentioned in the article:

~Anthony Chen, Los Angeles ’19, member, ASDA Video Blog Subcommittee

Anthony Chen

Anthony Chen is a second year dental student at the University of California, Los Angeles. He serves on the National ASDA's Videography Subcommittee as well as the local chapter's Videography Committee Chair. When not drilling and filling, Anthony enjoys picking up the camera and sharing the world through his eyes.

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  1. Hey, Anthony Chen, Well I’m impressed. It’s really an great short i have heard newly in dental technology! I hope you will hit the master advanced dentistry. Keep going!

  2. Video has helped innovate dental practices by providing patients and dentists a way to monitor progress and see what is really going on inside the mouth. Photography, however, also has an important place in dentistry.

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