More questions to ask when looking for a job

In my last ASDA Blog post, I discussed the importance of question-asking by dental students as they hunted for jobs. The response to this post was overwhelming, as I had many students email me with inquiries about the types of questions they should pose.

In response, I have prepared a list of key questions to ask during job interviews. Remember, the important part is to ask these same questions in each interview, regardless of the specifics of the job opportunities. Copy these questions and paste them somewhere you can easily find them.


  • Will I have treatment plan autonomy?
  • Will I be able to choose the materials I want to use?
  • Will I be able to order the instruments I prefer to use?
  • How will I be assigned patients?
  • Does the lead dentist take the complicated cases, and will I have the opportunity to see these cases?
  • Will I be able to perform a wide range of procedures?
  • Do you refer out certain procedures?
  • Is there a procedure quota?
  • Is the office fully digital?
  • What technologies are in place? What are you planning to add? What was the last technology you added?
  • What is the typical assortment of procedures performed in the office? (Percentage of restorative, cosmetic, denture, etc.)
  • Are you performing implants/clear aligners/ortho, etc.?
  • What new measures have you taken to ensure patient and clinician safety since COVID-19 began?
  • Do you have an adequate supply of PPE?

Financial and compensation

  • What are my work hours?
  • Am I an employee or a contractor?
  • Is there a daily/weekly/monthly revenue goal that I must meet?
  • Is continuing education a paid benefit?
  • Is loan repayment an option?
  • How does compensation work? Am I paid on production? My production or office production? My collections or office collections? If I’m paid on collections, what is the collection rate?
  • Will my daily rate ever change?
  • Can you give me an example of what a prior associate earned?
  • Will I receive assistance with relocation?
  • Will my malpractice be covered?
  • Will I earn a higher salary if I complete a GPR/AEGD first?
  • I’m interested in partnership. Is that available?
  • What is the average monthly revenue?
  • Do you have a non-compete? What would that cover?
  • Am I required to sign a restrictive covenant? Why?
  • What is the benefit package? Do you offer PTO, medical, disability, maternity leave, 401K?
  • How soon will I be effective for health insurance coverage?
  • Are your hygienists guaranteed their hours?

Mentorship and training

  • What does your mentorship program look like?
  • I’m interested in implant/clear aligner/ortho training. Is this something the practice will cover?
  • How quickly can I move into a lead role?
  • Will you help me learn about practice management?
  • What types of CE do you provide?

Staffing and patients

  • Am I involved in hiring decisions?
  • How many DAs will I have?
  • Are the DAs expanded functions?
  • Is the hygienist certified to anesthetize for me?
  • What are the demographics of the patients?
  • Is your practice fee-for-service?
  • What insurances do you accept?
  • How many new patients does your practice see each day?

Don’t forget that you can attend a live Ask-Me-Anything session and bombard Aspen Dental clinicians with questions you may have, anonymously and without video, if you prefer.

~Dr. Joel Lowsky, Ed.D., Aspen Dental Management

This blog post was sponsored by Aspen Dental Management.

Dr. Joel Lowsky

Dr. Joel Lowsky, Ed.D., is Aspen Dental Management’s director of academic and industry relations. Since he joined ADMI in 2018, the academic team has hosted over 500 events with dental students, and over 1,000 recently graduated dentists have accepted positions at dentist-owned practices within the Aspen network.

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