Never miss a networking opportunity!

In this month’s Mingle Monday post, Dr. Colleen Greene shares a story about a missed opportunity she regrets. Take her advice and make sure you make the most of your time in dental school! Watch the video below. Want more networking advice right now? Visit the Networking 101 playlist on ASDA’s YouTube channel.

~Kim Schneider, communications editor

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Comments (4)

  1. Michael Hopkins DDS

    Great advise given by Dr. Colleen Greene. It is always good when your student to take the advantage of any type of seminars or speakers who are going to be in your area. The more you network the more opportunities you will have in your future for a job.

  2. Jeff Jenkins DDS

    When starting off as a student attending dental school I don’t believe we think about what seminars are going to benefit us during the time we are studying, but if someone told me about all the opportunities that could occur while attending school then I would have made time for seminars that where brought to our attention. You just never know who you may meet while networking.

    • Colleen Greene

      I couldn’t agree more, Dr. Jenkins. Look out for students at the next meeting you attend – I’m sure they would benefit from meeting you and your colleagues!

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