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Optimizing your dental school experience

Dental school can be filled with challenges, successes and even shortcomings. Learning how to make the best of these four years is key to having rewarding experiences–experiences that can be very beneficial to you as a student, and also as a professional in the field. Former ASDA Vice President, Dr. Ben Youel, shares how he elevated his dental school experience through optimizing his organization, information and networking. What are some ways you are optimizing your dental school experience? Share them in the comments below!

~ Jay Banez, Marquette ’16, electronic editor

Jay Banez

Jay Banez is one of ASDA's electronic editors. Originally from Las Vegas, Jay is a D4 at Marquette School of Dentistry. Jay is also the Media & Communications Chair for #MarquetteASDA. You can catch him walking around school occasionally with his camera in hand, posting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These efforts helped lead Marquette to its Ideal ASDA Chapter title at the 2014 Gold Crown Awards.

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