Serving the profession before dental school

Smiles in the city As a predental student from Benedictine University, I am fortunate to be an active member of my university’s predental club. Through my involvement, I have the opportunity to engage in a number of events and activities to enhance my interest in the dental profession and develop leadership in my community. One event in particular that I attended with my university’s predental organization was called Smiles in the City. The purpose of this collaborative program is to teach elementary school aged children locally and in underserved communities about the importance of oral hygiene…

Chapter Focus

Loma Linda students find meaning in volunteer clinic

photo2 For myself and about five others in my class at Loma Linda dental school, service has become an addiction. In Redlands, California, about ten minutes away from school, there is a free dental clinic that has serious impact on the underserved, some that come from as far away as Temecula, about an hour drive. The Blessing Center hosts Loma Linda dental students twice a week in the evenings to do various dental procedures from cleanings to restoratives to complicated surgical extractions…

Management + Leadership

The New Dentist Committee as a continuation of ASDA

Did you know there is an ADA committee devoted specifically to the new dentist? A committee that serves as the voice of the new dentist within the ADA, facilitates professional and practice success for the new dentist, and fosters the next generation of leadership within organized dentistry? That’s right; the ADA New Dentist Committee does all these things and more. This committee may be one of the most critical tools for a dental student as they transition from student to professional.

Science + Tech

Six steps to becoming a Gmail guru

Gmail-guruRecently, I told my friends that I track emails to professors so I know to follow up in person if they don’t get opened. Ten minutes of Q&A later, it hit me: Every busy dental student can benefit from learning this! Hyperbolic, Buzzfeed-headline aside, here are some practical tips to be more efficient, organized and professional in your Gmail life.

News + Issues

A strong CV = the foundation of good networking

CG CV tipsWe’ve shown you a lot of networking tips here on Mingle Monday, but did you ever consider your CV as a networking tool? Of course it is! Here’s the scenario: You meet a dentist at a state society function and you hit it off. You tell him you’d love it if he could look over your CV because you’re looking to match in a residency program next year. Send him the CV a day or two later, receive feedback and take his suggestions to heart. You never know who this dentist is connected to and where this CV swap can take you. Maybe he’ll notice some work you did with Give Kids a Smile and hook you up with a colleague who shares your philanthropic passion and can jump start your career.

Science + Tech

How lasers are being used in dentistry

Yes, lasers are gaining widespread use in the dental world! They work by delivering energy in the form of light and can be used to cut or vaporize hard and soft tissue. Lasers are popular because they can reduce pain and anxiety experienced by patients, minimize bleeding and postoperative swelling, and serve as a means of disinfection. Currently, dental lasers are being used for a multitude of purposes, including cavity detection, tooth preparation prior to restoration, gingivectomies (crown lengthening, tissue contouring and frenectomies), cold sore reduction, nerve regeneration, tooth whitening and even the treatment of TMD.