Going to dental school for the second time

student-with-booksAdvanced Placement Program, International Dentist Program, Foreign Trained Dentist – all of these three titles are who I am. About half of the 65 dental schools in the United States offer these programs in some form. Every year hundreds of foreign-trained dentists come to the U.S. from different walks of life. Keep reading for a Q&A with one of these students.


Your options for online banking

Online bankingBricks and mortar banks have been the go-to for banking for decades. In the last few years, we have noticed alternatives to the stand alone banks popping up in the banking industry. As we look forward, even the traditional bricks and mortar banks (e.g. Chase, Schwab, US Bank) are offering more web-based online options for banking. Many banks today offer remote deposits using your phone or online setup of retirement accounts. Some banks are entirely web-based. Given that the student of today is more connected than ever before, here are some options for banking that do not require you to step foot inside a bank. Read on for more about online banking options available to you.

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Designing your ideal dental office (& a giveaway!)

Dental Office DesignLike many dental students, I dream about the day I can finally design my own dental office. It is the day I can say I finally made it. This opportunity will allow me the autonomy to practice the way I want in an environment that is unique to my style. But the question is, where would I begin? Dental school, which focuses on the scientific and clinical aspects of dentistry, does not provide students with a lot of practice management education, let alone any advice on designing an effective dental office.

Read on for a review of the ADA’s resource on designing a dental office. Enter to win a copy of the guide by commenting or subscribing!

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Tooth fairy gives a little extra this year

tooth fairyLittle cheeks rest on pillows as the night begins, but the excitement keeps eyes wide as they wait for a glimpse of the elusive sprite. They can hardly wait until morning to see what the Tooth Fairy has left behind. The Fairy spent 2013 in a particularly generous mood. Her tooth prices are on the rise and not looking to slow down any time soon. Read more to see how the Tooth Fairy’s recent spending is creating headlines across the nation!


Malpractice 101: Learn from other people’s mistakes

medpro thumbnailMalpractice insurance can be a very confusing topic for dental students. We get it. MedPro also understands the value of malpractice education, which is why we created the Malpractice Minute, a quarterly e-mail that puts our experience in the hands of 20,000 dental students nationwide. Our dental specific risk management and claims teams review real-life court cases, and give practical insights for avoiding similar situations. Read it regularly, to see situations like this…