Getting into dental school is more than just good grades

predental studentPredental students are often consumed with how important their GPA and DAT scores are when applying to dental school. Although they are definitely crucial to gaining acceptance into dental school, the application contains other areas that students can use to strengthen their application. To ensure you are a well-rounded, competitive applicant when you hit the “submit” button focus on these important areas…

Science + Tech

How to use plumber’s tape in sim lab

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.03.22 PM Plumber’s tape is an affordable and convenient tool to use for anterior restorations. It can be used for Class IV composites or veneers. Unlike a thick mylar strip, plumber’s tape provides adequate room and visualization to contour the adjacent tooth. In this video, Stephanie Sadler shows the application of plumber’s tape on a typodont…

Management + Leadership

DIY your own business cards

business card 2 First impressions are everything. Your business card is the small token of you that someone will carry with them. Whether attending a lobby day, ASDA conference or simply an appointment with a new patient, a business card is a simple way to market yourself.

Advice from our very own ASDA Vice-President Jason Watts: “Business cards are extensions of the person you are. A good card will leave a lasting impression.” Let’s leave a lasting impression and figure out just how to create a great business card.

You might be thinking… What should be on my business card? Read on to find out!

News + Issues

Are you willing to brush with chocolate?

IMG_0152-2Ever wonder what brushing with chocolate-flavored toothpaste would be like? Crest® released a new flavored toothpastes, Mint Chocolate Trek, as part of their “Be” campaign. With a phrase “Be Adventurous” on the box, I took the challenge and tried out the new flavored toothpaste. Dental students also weighed in on the new flavor and the results were surprising. Are you adventurous enough to brush with chocolate?

Chapter Focus

One year later: lessons we learned about becoming auto-enroll

150132_3832698421233_1094973017_nAs ASDA leaders, we all want to convince our administrations to automatically enroll all students with an ASDA and ADA student membership from day one. This means students’ ASDA/ADA membership is paid for as part of tuition and fees or by the dental school rather than out of a students’ personal budget. The result is a student body that are all members and can participate in events, serve as chapter leaders and spend time planning events instead of recruiting students to join.

News + Issues

Buying teeth online: students look for another option

TeethOne night, after ordering my books online, I randomly looked up “Extracted teeth” and found several websites based all across the globe selling extracted human teeth. Surprisingly, none of these websites mentioned how the teeth were acquired and whether they were collected for sale ethically upon receiving patient consent.

News + Issues

Tattoos in dentistry: self expression or unprofessional?

dental-tattsWhen I tell people I have a tattoo the first thing I see are widened eyes followed by shocked gasps. “What!” they exclaim “you have a tattoo? Where?”Their opinion of me automatically changes within those first few minutes after the revelation. I suddenly transform from the boring dental student to the rebellious night-crawler.

Tattoos have a long history since the first evidence of their existence dating back to 2000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. In the past tattoos may have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment, today they are a common form of personal expression. But do they belong in dentistry?