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Take Action Against Increased Student Debt

The following announcement was recently made by staff Chapter Relations Manager Danielle Bauer… Dear Chapter Delegates, ASDA has signed on to a letter that will be sent to lawmakers to urge them not to adopt a policy being considered by the Obama Administration and Congress to reduce the national deficit. The proposal would eliminate the… Read more »

Where are you going this summer?

Global health externships are really popular here at Columbia and a lot of students take advantage of them. Just this past week a group of students left for a trip to Ghana. Two trips have been completed to the Dominican Republic, also groups to Cambodia, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Tanzania. The one I’m the most… Read more »

Only 1 Day Left to Register for the ADA New Dentist Conference at lowest price!

The ADA’s New Dentist Conference is in Chicago next weekend! There is only one day left to pre-register, so click here to register now. The schedule is jam packed with sessions that are useful for new dentists and dental students alike. Sessions include social media marketing, public speaking training, speakers on leadership, a networking lunch… Read more »

Can You PASS the PPI?

As a number of students begin to complete their residency applications through PASS this summer, they will notice a new requirement that hasn’t been there before – the Personal Potential Index (PPI). This is a new way of evaluating students on 6 different personal attributes: knowledge and creativity, communication skills, teamwork, resilience, planning and organization,… Read more »

Dentists + Social Media= Love?

At the ADA meetings that I have attended recently (Council on Dental Education and Licensure and the Washington Leadership Conference) the buzz phrase has been “social media”. The ADA is realizing that one of their weakest areas of membership right now are new dentists. This is a major concern, not only because this group will… Read more »

Masticators Bring Home the Championship

Participating in Intramural Sports is a fun and easy way to stay healthy and relieve stress during dental school. One of the many perks of attending dental school at UCLA is the stellar Intramural Sports program. Intramural Sports provides me with the opportunity to spend some quality time with my dental school buddies outside the… Read more »