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The benefits of getting involved in dental study clubs after dental school

Dental study clubs are a small group learning and teaching format, usually consisting of eight to 10 people with a specific topic or learning agenda for the day. Most clubs are clinically focused, where the group spends time discussing cases or methodologies.

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Treating pediatric patients in underserved areas: Q&A with Dr. Jessica Meeske

Dr. Jessica Meeske, senior partner at Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska, leads a group practice with four locations in diverse cities throughout Nebraska, serving pediatric patients who are on Medicaid. Here, she discusses the challenges and rewards of working in her practice.


Reflections on Overcoming 2020 and Moving into a New Beginning

I believe that most of us were eagerly anticipating the turn of the page leading into 2021. While New Year’s Day is a great benchmark to leave the past behind and reconstitute ourselves as better people with specific goals and drivers, it is important to acknowledge that life is a collection of events, and we remain a product of our past experiences as individuals.