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Should dentists be able to provide vaccinations?

With the COVID-19 vaccination readily administered in local pharmacies, hospitals and even university campuses, the government is attempting to increase the vaccine rate to achieve herd immunity. However, what if you went to your dentist and, after discussing your treatment plan, they were able to administer the vaccine as well?

Management + Leadership

Dental entrepreneurship: Q&A with Paulina Song

During college, dental entrepreneur Paulina Song was committed to a career as a healthcare provider and even worked in various clinical settings to gain experience. However, she soon realized that she didn’t really love the clinical aspect of healthcare and started gravitating toward the broader organizational and administrative functions.

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A spotlight on ADEA’s Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program at Dental College of Georgia

The ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) was founded in 2006 and to date, over 400 dental students from 40 different U.S. and Canadian schools have taken part in it. The goal of the program is to discover and contribute to future dental faculty and researchers through one-on-one mentorship between current dental school faculty and students interested in academic dentistry.


Gabrielle Gette receives ASDA Delegate of the Year Award

ASDA delegates serve to increase membership, interact with state and local dental societies, and encourage members to seek national and regional leadership positions. This past year, ASDA delegates faced an additional hurdle: keeping members engaged and sharing ASDA’s value throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


The role of the dental profession in the mind-mouth-body connection

A little over a year ago, my dental school switched patient record systems to Epic in an attempt to teach interdisciplinary care for our patients at the dental school. Epic has not historically been used for dentistry, so there was quite a bit of trial-and-error for everyone involved.