Impostor syndrome in dental students

The journey to receiving that acceptance letter is not easy. A student — let’s call her Jamie — must complete all necessary prerequisite courses with good grades, then accumulate a competitive overall and science GPA. Additionally, Jamie must show her dedication to service and her interest in the health care field through extracurricular activities.

Laptop and check boxes

Predental perspective: 2020 application cycle amidst the pandemic

It’s May 1. You’ve spent the past three months practicing limiting reactant problems and mastering the art of angle ranking to hopefully acquire all of your application materials just in time for the date engrained in every predent’s mind: June 16, the date the AADSAS application opens.

Diversity + Outreach

Dentistry’s transition toward more inclusive patient care

How many transgender dentists do you know? Is your answer greater than zero? My answer is exactly one and that person is myself. As a thought exercise, imagine you identify your dream career — and then consider what it would be like to pursue that same career without ever meeting …