benefits of pets

The benefits of dog ownership in dental school

After graduating from college, many of us ventured off once more to go to dental school. We packed up our lives in a U-Haul, and if you were like me, your parents came along, too, offering a final goodbye hug and kiss. However, there was a certain kiss that I couldn’t bring with me to Florida: that of a four-legged friend.

growth mentorship
Management + Leadership

How having a mentor gave me my ‘best year yet’

“Lead. Live. Laugh. Love. Learn … Leave a legacy.”

These are the words hand-printed and signed by Dr. David Maloley on the inside cover of his 2018 book, “Titans of Dentistry: How the Top Performers Think and Act Differently,” co-authored by Dr. Justin Short. The book includes interviews with 39 “titans” in dentistry, providing the reader with insight into how they think and behave differently from the average practitioner.

integrity and trust

Our responsibility in continuing the integrity of our profession

The May issue of The Atlantic included an article about dentistry. The author Ferris Jabr discussed “the truth” about the profession, that “it’s much less scientific — and more prone to gratuitous procedures — than you may think,” as the headline of the online version of the article stated.